Korona Gór Polski: Wspinaczka na szczyty naszego pięknego kraju

Poland, a country of diverse landscapes and natural beauty, is home to a collection of stunning mountain ranges. These peaks, collectively referred to as the Korona Gór Polski, or Crown of Polish Mountains, offer adventure enthusiasts a unique opportunity to reach the highest points in each of the country’s 28 mountain ranges. This crown of peaks presents a variety of challenges, from easy hikes to challenging climbs, offering something for every mountain lover.

The concept of the Korona Gór Polski is derived from the sport of peak bagging and was developed by the Polish tourism organization PTTK in 1997. The goal is to ascend the highest peak in each range, totaling to a remarkable 28 peaks. It’s a unique way of encouraging locals and tourists alike to explore the breadth and depth of Poland’s mountainous beauty.

Some of the most prominent peaks in the Korona Gór Polski include Rysy in the Tatra Mountains, the highest peak in Poland, at 2499 meters. Rysy is a stunning, though technically challenging peak requiring good physical condition and mountain experience. Nevertheless, the efforts of the climb are rewarded with a breathtaking panorama stretching across Switzerland, Slovakia, and the majority of southern Poland.

Another noteworthy height is Babia Góra, known as the 'Queen of Beskids’ and revered in local folklore. This mountain range on the border of Malopolskie and Slaskie offers climbers views over the magnificent landscapes of the Beskids, with the uniquely challenging characteristic of notoriously changeable weather.

The Szrenica in the Karkonosze Mountains, famous for its craggy granite structure, features a cable car making it accessible even for less-experienced hikers. It also throws light on the intertwining of mankind with nature, boasting ski slopes and mountain huts for climbers.

Tackling the entire Crown of Polish Mountains is a feat of endurance and dedication, requiring sufficient preparation and planning. Various checklists and guides are available to help climbers keep track of their progress. Moreover, those who ascend all 28 peaks are awarded a badge of honour, recognizing their achievement in exploring Poland’s rich mountainous landscapes.

Each peak climb in the Korona Gór Polski provides climbers with a different experience, from bird’s-eye views, rare flora and fauna, plunging valleys, glacial lakes to snow-capped summits. These climbs present a unique way of experiencing Poland’s landscape, immersing oneself in its natural beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Korona Gór Polski is not just about peak bagging; it’s an invitation to connect deeply with the landscape of Poland. It’s about reaching splendid summits, yes, but it’s also about the journey itself. As you scale these peaks, you’ll learn about Poland’s geology, history, and folklore. Each climb is about more than ticking off a list – it’s about the story of the place, the people who have climbed there before you, and the unique botanical and animal life that thrive at each range’s peak.

The Crown of Polish Mountains is a testament to Poland’s rich biodiversity, heritage, and natural wonder. Whether it’s an adventure, a personal challenge, or a spiritual journey, the Korona Gór Polski awaits with its beautiful diversity, testifying tales of time and inspiring awe in every climber’s heart.

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